Brands Looking for Influencers to Work With

Instagram’s 1 billion users represent a huge market demographic, and one that may be reached more effectively by social media than by traditional marketing. Users often ignore regular ads or even use software to them then all together. However, followers still see when influencers post sponsored content and often engage with that content. A trusted influencer can help a company gain sales by recommending their product or service.

What does an influencer get out of the deal? Influencer marketing can not only help a company spread brand awareness, but it can be a lucrative side gig for influencers, if not a full-time job! However, this can only happen if brands and influencers are able to find one another. Thanks to influencer marketing platforms, this task isn’t as difficult as it once was. However, brands looking for influencers may miss opportunities if they don’t know how to use new trends – such as micro influencers – for themselves.

The Search: Brands Looking for Influencers to Work With

Although brands can find some influencers to work with by browsing and searching on social media, not every platform is searchable. Regular influencer search sites use an algorithm that promotes the most popular users, which can leave influencers who may not be quite as popular, or as successful, hidden. Furthermore, it takes more effort if brands want to find influencers who are creating content across a variety of social networks and not just focus on Instagram accounts, for example. Not every brand wants to work with Instagram influencers alone. Finally, searching on social networks may bring up users who are not interested in working with brands. This wastes the time of not only the brand, but also the influencers who are looking to find brand collaboration.

Furthermore, there is one other way for brands to find influencers to work with on influencer marketing campaigns: the influencers reach out to them directly. Often, these influencers are interested in trying a product or service that a brand offers, and they may hope that brands are willing to pay them for their time and effort spent promoting the brand.

It’s easy to see how both brands and influencers can receive a lot of cold calls when attempting to work together. However, not all of these solicitations are relevant. A message can easily be lost in the fray, even if it is relevant. On top that of, top brands may receive many messages while smaller companies do not get as much attention from Instagram influencers.

Influencer Marketing Platforms Make the Search Smarter

A brand can narrow down the search by using a database that not only shows influencers who are willing to work with brands but also shows relevant information about their accounts, followers, engagement rates, and niches. Brands can also see what type of campaign influencers are willing to participate in and what type of compensation they accept. You can also see influencers who have already worked with brands. This ensures that the social influencer knows how to run a campaign efficiently and satisfactorily.

Remember that many brands are looking for influencers, so while there may be thousands or even millions of influencers overall, not all of them are available or interested in working with you. And your brand may not be interested in those influencers. So being able to filter those influencers out from your search saves everyone time and hassle. You can focus on managing your marketing campaign, instead. Many of the leading brands rely on influencer marketing platforms to successfully expand into the digital market.

Social media influencers can similarly save time and effort by signing up for these platforms. Using a platform also comes with the assurance that they will be paid for their efforts. Influencers may successfully find and work with brands without the help of a platform, but there’s always the risk that the interaction will be negative or that the brand will not provide the payment as promised.

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