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Why Influencer Marketing?

The Way Businesses Market Their Products Has Changed. Influencer marketing can be thought of as the best delivery mechanism for content marketing, with micro influencer marketing proven to be the most effective. Get involved in the trend that is turning entire industries inside out.

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of business managers see influencer marketing as the right way to distribute information about their product(s).*


of consumers trust the recommendations and experiences of other people about products, even if they don’t know them personally.**


of businesses intend to dedicate a portion of their budget to influencer marketing this year.***

* My NewsDesk Survey — ** Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey — *** Influencer MarketingHub Benchmark Report 2019

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How to Find Influencers to Increase Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing can be a powerful tool for brands to find new clients and customers. After realizing this, the next task is to find influencers to work with. Sure, brands could simply send pitches to influencers regardless of niche or network size. But this wastes time, energy, and money. Some tools and methods help brands to work smarter and not harder.

When Bigger Isn’t Better

Some brands might fall prey to the idea that network size is the most critical factor when searching for influencers. They target mega influencers such as celebrities, which charge a pretty penny for promotions. However, that’s not always effective.

You might see a better return on investment when looking for influencers in your niche who are more likely to have a connection with your target audience. If you work with micro influencers who are experts in their niches and maintain close relationships with their followers, your marketing campaign might have a better payoff.

This ties into the idea of audience demographic and engagement rates. Brands should know this data before working with any influencers. An influencer with a smaller network that is more engaged may be more valuable than one with a massive but unengaged audience – while at the same time being much cheaper.

How to Find Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

It’s not just important to know who your relevant influencers are, however. You need to know how to find those influencers. There is a dizzying number of options when it comes down to it.

Small companies that want to go the do-it-yourself method (DIY) might use their favorite search engine. Or you can visit the social network of your choice and search for keywords relevant to your product, service, or industry. Do not forget to use hashtags. While this method can find users who engage in conversations that are relevant to your brand, the search results may not reveal influencers.

Blog and podcast directories are also an option to find potential influencers. Although, some influencers may not appear on those lists, which makes the search significantly more difficult.

Tools for Finding Influencers That Complement Your Brand

Fortunately, many services exist to connect brands with top influencers. These services may also help you manage your influencer campaigns. Every brand has unique needs, so may require a different combination of services for their influencer marketing campaigns.

The Coovy app will help and not hinder your campaign by saving you time and energy, not causing further confusion. Our automated and comprehensive tool offers the following functions:

  • Finding the right influencers
  • Communication with influencers
  • Assignment with specific requirements
  • Contracting  management
  • Campaign management
  • Payment processing
There are further factors to consider, too. For example, you might avoid a tool if it only enables you to work with Instagram influencers when you want to target Facebook and Twitter, too. Some brands may also prefer services that allow the brand to solicit influencers while others may prefer having influencers search for them in return. Fortunately, many tools provide demos so that you can find the right one for your brand.

One of the benefits of influencer marketing tools is the ability to perform an advanced search. You might want to find customers from a specific location, so an influencer who is local is essential. Advanced search options help you narrow the demographic and avoid spending money on irrelevant networks.

Which Influencers Will Help Your Brand?

Woman checking on phone how to find influencers

Influencers who have a similar audience as your brand can be a valuable resource. Although, you may want to increase brand awareness outside of your current audience. Look for influencers who already speak to the new demographic you wish to reach.

Numbers don’t always tell the whole story. You’ll want to browse influencer profiles in case there is an aspect that makes the influencer a proper or poor fit that is not easily quantifiable.

Would you like a lasting relationship with the influencer on their channels? Maybe you want them to be brand ambassadors? Or perhaps you even want an exclusive relationship so that the influencer doesn’t work with competitors while working with you?

Spend time on the influencer’s social media accounts and blogs to get a feel for how they incorporate sponsored content. Do they utilize hashtags, multimedia, and SEO smartly? If not, it can harm your efforts. Sponsored content should match their brand and seem genuine to promote trust between the influencer and their followers and their followers and your brand.

Develop Your Content Strategy

To find influencers for your brand to work with, you must know your campaign strategy. Is your product or service best illustrated with a photo, audio, or video? How important is text? What about hashtags and location? Does a 30-second ad in a podcast work better than a guest post on someone’s blog?

Affiliate marketing, reviews, and giveaways can all be useful methods of influencer marketing. Brands can also benefit from sharing influencer content on their channels or even hosting influencer content on their channels to show a more direct relationship. If you’re entirely unsure, consider using a content strategy discovery tool to understand how to create relevant and shareable content.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you won’t know what to type into that search bar and may choose an influencer who is a poor fit for your brand and may take offense that you do not understand theirs. These requirements can also filter out influencers who do not wish to participate in the campaigns you want to run.

While your ultimate goal might be a wider audience, you must first connect with the influencers you find. Remember to be respectful and not pushy. Tailor your communication for each influencer. Track your outreach efforts to avoid spamming influencers.

Finally, know your goals. Do you want direct sales or new followers? Naming that goal helps you track the success of your marketing campaign and tweak current and future campaigns to be more successful. Even if you choose not use one of the many influencer marketing tools, you should at least track URLs and make different landing pages to determine who is clicking and where ( works well for this).

This advice is how brands have made influencer marketing work for them. By working with the right influencers to create engaging and creative content, you just might help your company go viral, grow its network, and increase its bottom line.

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