Woman filming another woman showing how to become a micro influencer and presenting a product

How to Become a Micro Influencer Brands Will Seek Out

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Woman filming another woman showing how to become a micro influencer and presenting a product

Just What Is a Micro Influencer?

It’s an influencer with a smaller network, usually between 1,000 and 50,000 followers, across social media. While these influencers may not have millions of followers, their voices can still be powerful for several reasons. First, smaller influencers often choose niches in which they are an expert, which makes what they have to say more important to people who are interested in those subjects.

On top of that, a micro-influencer may have a more direct relationship with their followers, communicating over email and social media. This creates relationships between the influencer and follower and adds to the sense that the influencer is authentic. This interaction may be especially important to brands and agencies who are looking to work with influencers with engaged followers. Those active followers can mean a higher ROI than with an influencer with a larger but less engaged network.

There are clearly perks of being an influencer of any size, but the realization that you can become a successful influencer with just a few thousand followers motivates some people to become influencers. Read on if you want to get started and learn how to become a micro influencer.

Among their followers, micro influencers are generally perceived as “people like me” (see also page: Micro Influencers).

How to Become a Micro Influencer

➤ Find Your Niche

Anyone can start a blog, Instagram, or Facebook page, but it takes a bit more to become a successful influencer. Niche is one of those things. The theme of your personal brand and the subject of your posts should be something you have knowledge about. The specific intersection of your interests can help you choose the right niche.

Your unique experience also shapes your voice, an important element of being successful as an influencer. Not only are you the only person who can tell your story, but no one else would tell it the way you will. Keep this in mind when comparing yourself with other influencers, especially those who seem similar. How you want to tell your story determines which social media platform – or platforms you use.


➤ Find the Right Platform for You

A personal blog is a great way for micro influencers to reach an audience. Blogs can show off your photography just as well as an Instagram post, but a blog post also provides the opportunity for long-form content such as personal stories or reviews. These posts are the very way that micro influencers tell a story that will engage visitors. Plus, blogs invite engagement by default via blog comments.

Of course, there are other apps and sites to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram, and most influencers create content on more than one platform. The Internet is as visual as ever. It’s essential that at least some of an influencer’s content is multimedia. Even bloggers use images alongside their words to appeal to visitors, and to use when linking back to their content. Video is especially popular, and influencers who do not use them or do not use them well will struggle to build and connect with their audience.

➤ Produce Unique Content

Illustration of a laptop showing a social media post in how to become a micro influencer

Next, it’s time to set up those socials with informative bios, links back to your website, a contact email, and high-quality branded imagery. Both potential followers and brands must be able to easily understand who you are and what your values are from your social media presence. Then, you can start posting.

To keep your audience coming back for more, you must frequently add posts in your voice that matches your brand, even when you don’t have a sponsored product or service to talk about. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to gain new followers and keep the ones you have.

➤ Seek Business Partnerships

Influencers communicate with more than just the followers of their Instagram account. Working with brands is why so many people want to be an influencer in the first place, and you’ll need to communicate with a company or an agency that represents it every step of the way. Sometimes companies will seek you out, or you can easily find them on influencer marketing platforms. But many influencers must pitch brands with whom they have no existing relationship. The method, speed, and tone of that communication impact if a company wants to work with an influencer.

To win over more brands, you must be prepared to provide data about engagement rates, traffic, and other relevant stats, as well as examples of your work. Being prepared and professional can convince a company to work with you even if your network is still small, especially if the company’s targeted audience matches your own. If you keep up effective communication, you can develop longterm relationships with brands. As your audience grows, larger brands and better opportunities may come your way.


➤ Be Patient… and Patient

However, it can take a bit to see growth and some brands may turn you down along the way. Influencers who succeed will see it through because influencing (and success in general) is a long game, and there are no immediate rewards.

For some people, becoming a micro influencer is just the first step toward growing a larger brand, working with companies, and becoming a household name. But for those influencers who operate within a specific niche, remaining small can still be rewarding and a path to success.

For a general and more detailed guide on how to become an influencer, see also page: How to Become an Influencer


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