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Find interesting campaigns in your area that match your profile. You will also find location-independent offers.

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As soon as the results of a completed job have been approved, you will receive the remuneration.

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"We like to use this app for our influencer marketing strategy. It is efficient and helps us to easily carry out the complicated processes of a campaign."
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How to Become an Influencer and Make Money From It

To get you started, we have summarized some important steps for you below:
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If you want to know how to become an influencer, the following advice can help. Follow it, and you might even be able to quit your day job…

Find Your Niche

While some lifestyle influencers discuss their daily lives without focusing on a specific niche, you might find brands to work with more easily if you stick to a niche. Consider hobbies or other aspects of your life that could make a good niche: parenting, beauty and fashion, fitness, learning, or music, to name a few.

The niche can help determine which sites you’ll use. Influencers who enjoy taking and starring in photos, Instagram is the ideal social network to showcase their work. However, it might not be the best fit for people who prefer to communicate with others over text: A blog or Facebook page is a better fit. Consider the advantages of Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter, too.

Of course, you don’t have to choose just one site, and you can grow your overall network larger by choosing services that work together. For example, while Pinterest is an excellent medium for visual content, you can share a recipe or craft tutorial from your blog to get traffic from people who don’t follow your blog. This is why so many people make Pinterest part of their content marketing strategy.

Don’t spread yourself too thin; you must remain active and engaged on each of the sites. If you simply forward content between sites, it may lose formatting. Followers may also find forwarded less useful because each social network has its own culture, and this content may not respect that.

After establishing your niche, consider your target audience. What types of content do they want? You don’t want to stay too far from the subject when you create content. You’re not a one-dimensional person, but you need to give the people what they came for, which is how to become an influencer.

Optimize Your Profiles

It’s also crucial to optimize your profiles. Use keywords and hashtags relative to your niche when posting. Add those words to your bio/about sections, too. Make sure to add an avatar/photo and cover photo. If you have a website URL, add that as well.

Once you attract followers to your social media platforms, you’ll need to engage with them. This might take the form of a direct message in which you thank new users for following you or responding to comments on your posts and photos. Not only do these interactions strengthen your relationship with your followers, but social network algorithms view this activity as a sign that the content is useful and promote it more.

This is important because these algorithms can make it challenging to ensure that even your existing followers see the content you post, let alone new followers. Facebook is an excellent example of this, and page owners have had to find new and creative ways, such as including photos in every update, to ensure their content is seen by their existing followers.

Analyze Stats

Most social networks now provide analytics tools, for macro and micro influencers, so you can see your stats and even compare them with previous periods. Seeing your audience’s location, age, gender, and other demographics can help you cater content to them.

Furthermore, it can be exciting to see engagement rates grow, but try not to worry too much if you have the occasional dip in followers or comments. But if your growth has stalled or seriously backtracked, you may need to spend more time creating quality content and engaging with your followers. It may be as simple as playing with the days and times that you post, however. In general, our data indicates that the best time to post on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. (EST time zone), on days at the beginning of the working week (e.g. Monday to Wednesday). Then again at the beginning of the weekend, Friday evening from 6 p.m.

Letting brands know that you’re open to cooperating is one of the last steps on this list. Why? Some brands prefer to look for influencers with a minimum amount of followers, and it will take time to build a loyal network. However, that time and effort also show that you’re serious about being an influencer in your industry, which brands like to see before deciding to work with you. While you may let your intentions to become an influencer be known during this time, you may not catch any leads for sponsored posts until you become a micro influencer with more than 1,000 followers.

Seek Collaboration

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Once your social media channel has become a bit more established, it’s time to let brands know that you want to work with them. You can start by adding this information directly to your blog, Facebook page, or Instagram. It might simply be the word “Sponsorship” and your email address in your bio or description. Or you might have room to add a page that entails the sponsored content you offer as well as a contact form.

You may even periodically post content on your social channels that you are open to collaboration. A blog post that is rich with keywords related to sponsorship, influencer marketing, and your niche is one way to connect with brands or marketers that are using search engines to find influencers.

However, you’ll want to go beyond these messages, which can only be seen once brands have found your presence. But with millions of social media users, it’s easy for brands to overlook potential influencers. This is where influencer marketing platforms and databases come into play. These sites list influencers of different demographics for marketers to easily find. They also facilitate campaign management, including communication, contracts, and finances.

While brands may only wish to work with a single platform, influencers can benefit from signing up for many platforms to gain as much exposure as possible. These services are typically free; although, your network may need to be a specific size, and you may need to remain in good standing after completing marketing campaigns to stay listed, however.

How to Become an Influencer Using Coovy

A social media influencer must be comfortable using a campaign finding platform. Our platform sends notifications when there are new campaigns for which you might be a potential match, or brands may message you directly. You may need to apply for these campaigns and wait to be accepted, which normally doesn’t take a long time.

You can specify your price for working with a company on the Coovy platform, or the app will even suggest a price based on your network size and previous experiences with your quality of work. Because payment goes through the platform, you know that you’ll be paid and when to expect payment.

Coovy simplifies all relevant processes before, during and after working on campaigns:

  • Application process
  • Communication
  • Meet specific requirements for the job
  • Payment process

Be prepared to negotiate these terms and performing high-effort tasks when not using the Coovy app. Some companies may haggle with you to lower your price or do more work than is actually fair. Additionally, there is always the risk that they may not pay you. Some brands will be okay with pre-payment if they can accept the risk that you’ll renege on the deal. This risk is one reason why brands may prefer to use our influencer marketing platform as well.

As your network grows, you may work directly with brands more often. An efficient influencer marketing software like Coovy can give you the certainty that you will receive your payment, since the campaigns usually have to be pre-financed. In the worst case, the platform mediates and a solution is sought. Automation also enables campaign effort and communication to be kept to a minimum.

If you follow these tips on how to become an influencer using Coovy, you can achieve success. However, be advised that not everyone makes it big or enjoys the hard work that it requires.

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