People at a table checking phone on Los Angeles micro influencers

Why Everyone Loves Los Angeles Micro Influencers

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People at a table checking phone on Los Angeles micro influencers

Why Los Angeles Micro Influencers Are Special

Los Angeles influencers are a specific breed. They often create content about fashion and beauty, health and fitness, nightlife such as concerts and clubs, and celebrities. The ocean and its miles of beaches can often be seen in the Instagram posts of influencers who live in Los Angeles. There is no doubt that these people live a California sort of life. They’re beautiful, interesting, and healthy. There are so many influencers for brands and agencies to work with if they want that sort of vibe. This is precisely why people follow influencers from LA. Visitors want a window into glitz and glam, the healthy lifestyle, and the Hollywood type of life. They keep following for tips from the people who appear to have “made it.”

But the desire to avoid cliches and the need to stand out has led these influencers to approach their personal brands in unique ways. For example, some Los Angeles-based influencers focus on their family or pets while others post about travel or outdoor activities outside of the city. For some lifestyle influencers, it’s their unique personality rather than their niche that attracts followers.

So many people head to California to grow their networks and work on their art. Many of these influencers have multiple talents. They’re photographers, producers, painters, videographers, models, actors, and designers of every type — or they want to be!

This means there is a truly impressive list of talented influencers who can keep you California dreaming. But those people who want to be influencers, whether they already live in Los Angeles or want to relocate in hopes of becoming a celebrity, might find the competition daunting.

How to Become a Los Angeles Micro Influencer

It might be easiest to set the goal of becoming a Los Angeles micro influencer. Instead of trying to have the most followers or broadest brand, these influencers can go deeper into their respective subjects and connect to their audience on a more intimate level. By showing off the city from their unique vantage point and with their exclusive voice, Los Angeles micro influencers can remain in the spotlight and gain success.

Influencers connect with their followers through Instagram, which is known as the platform for sharing multimedia content. Facebook is still one of the most popular social networking platforms. More recently, Snapchat and even TikTok have taken off as influencer platforms. Also, both content creators and their fans enjoy videos on Youtube. Each of these platforms allows the influencer to provide a glimpse into their oh-so-glamorous or adventurous lifestyle.

Illustration of mobile app usage to become Los Angeles micro influencers

Companies and marketing agencies now realize the value of micro influencers who communicate with their followers more directly and have greater influence over their audience. This is one reason why brands should not ignore micro influencers, and influencers shouldn’t worry if their audience is small and still growing. Los Angeles is full of brands that wish to connect with audiences around the world. This means influencers have many chances to work with brands.

As the home of Hollywood and so many celebrities, glamorous Los Angeles is full of events that influencers may have access to through their work with brands. From movie premieres to award shows, conventions and conferences, Los Angeles is the home of many high-profile events, and being an influencer can open that door for people who want to see what’s behind it.

Not everyone can do it, though. Some people might be surprised by how time consuming it is to be an influencer. They have to create and market content constantly and make sure sponsored content is relevant to their own brand, build their networks, and work with companies. Those people who can become full-time influencers, gain wealth, or even become a household name as Kylie Jenner did are few and far between. Successful influencers have put everything all into their careers. Micro influencers who are from Los Angeles may not have to keep large followings, but they still must work hard to keep their followers engaged.

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