Can a Micro Influencer Agency Help Your Brand Succeed?

When brands get serious about digital marketing, they’ll soon discover how many options are available to them. Banner ads, sponsored posts on social media, and influencer marketing all come to mind. When a company tries to go the DIY (do-it-yourself) route, it can be overwhelming and include costly mistakes. Just how do you work with influencers on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook? What if you can’t afford to work with top influencers? Enter the micro influencer agency, which can formulate a marketing plan that will help a brand get the most bang for its buck.

The Benefit of Working With a Digital Marketing Agency

There is no shortage of these marketing agencies. While some might specialize in a particular type of marketing, that’s not always the case. Some agencies can plan a brand’s entire online marketing strategy, including brand content, or web design and adjust it over time. Just like brands can range from small to corporate, agencies also come in various sizes. This means that brands can find marketing agencies that match their needs, including their budget, no matter what those needs are.

These influencer agencies can help with influencer marketing in particular by seeking out and contacting influencers across various social media platforms who may be willing to work with brands and not just content creators who aren’t also influencers. In fact, agencies may already have lists of willing micro influencers at their disposal.

They can negotiate terms, deal with contracts, approve created content, and handle payments. The agency ensures that both parties uphold their part of the deal. Using a marketing agency leaves everyone at a company free to do what it is that they do best rather than tied up with managing influencer marketing campaigns and relationships with influencers, the very things that these agencies are best at doing. All of this is on top of developing themes and brand messages, including hashtags, for the campaign.

When You Want to Work With Micro Influencers

Although there are influencer marketing agencies that do not focus on any particular type of social media influencer, they may not be the best way to find micro influencers. Why is that? Some of those platforms have minimum requirements that some micro influencers do not meet. You might recall that a micro influencer is an influencer with between 1,000 and 50,000 followers (see also page: Micro Influencers), although typically people define a range of less than 10,000. A micro influencer agency typically has lower requirements because it recognizes that micro influencers do not have as many people in their networks as other influencers.

However, those people who specialize in micro influencer marketing understand that while these influencers may have fewer followers, they often have higher engagement rates than those influencers with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, and that can mean faster results at much lower costs for the brands who work with them. Studies find that 82% of consumers are willing to follow a recommendation made by a micro influencer (ExpertVoice).

Illustration showing the benefits of a micro influencer agency

Plus, these agencies understand that micro influencers may not have as much experience when it comes to working with brands and micro influencer marketing in general. Agencies can make communication and relationships between brands and influencers go more smoothly. The agency ensures that the influencer provides the messaging, hashtags, links, and other influencer content that the brand requires and that the brand will provide any compensation promised to the influencer, whether they may be a cash payment or free products.

Often, micro influencers are willing to work for lower rates or accept non-cash compensation in the form of products, services, or gift cards, and agencies can leverage this fact. This makes micro influencer marketing an option for even the smallest brands with limited budgets.

Agencies Help Ensure Marketing Campaigns Are Successful

One of the boons of working with micro influencers is that these influencers sometimes focus on a niche. Brands can take advantage of this to ensure that relevant audiences see content about their products or services. But working with the wrong influencer can backfire. An agency can prevent this from happening.

While an influencer marketing agency tracks campaigns in real time, it also evaluates the success of a campaign after it has finished and can make changes for future campaigns. If a campaign didn’t raise enough brand awareness or brand content didn’t lead to engaged audiences, strategies can be changed. Agencies can remain in touch with influencers and add new ones to the ranks.

There are hundreds of thousands of influencers creating content for marketing campaigns, but it’s not as easy to find the right ones, or work with them as you might think. Social influencer marketing and online marketing overall are fast-paced worlds that change frequently, and brands may struggle to keep up with those changes, even if they employ the various tools that are at their disposal. This is where a micro influencer marketing agency with experience in comes in.

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