Why You Should Use a Micro Influencer Platform

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A micro influencer is a person who has between 1,000 and 50,000 social media followers. The idea that a brand might want to work with these influencers despite the smaller network might surprise some people. But these micro influencers offer several perks, including more engaged audiences to lower prices, to any brand that is willing to think outside of the box when setting up its marketing strategy. One of the tools brands that are interested in this type of influencer marketing can use, is a micro influencer platform, which allows brands to find and work with those influencers.

How Micro Influencer Platforms Help Brands Find Influencers

Brands may struggle to find influencers to work with if those influencers have just a few thousand followers in their networks. The difference between an influencer and a regular social media user is not always obvious when the influencer has worked with few or even no brands. Brands and agencies may have a hard time finding those people who are hidden by the social network’s algorithms. It’s a case of not being able to find people because they don’t seem to be relevant to the marketing strategy of the brand.

A micro influencer platform lets the influencer to show off things other than the size of their network. This includes engagement rates, which are typically higher with micro influencers than those influencers who have larger followings (see also page: Micro Influencers). Because micro influencers are more likely to be seen as real people and are often experts on specific topics, their followers trust them. This can help to ensure the success of word of mouth marketing campaigns.

Agencies and brands can use these platforms to research an influencer’s niche, social media platforms, and statistics. Influencer marketing platforms also let the influencer specify in which type of projects they’re willing to collaborate with a brand. The influencer can specify if they’re willing to create a sponsored blog post featuring a company and its offerings, share one of the brand’s posts on social media, create original multimedia content on their social channels, or do something else.

Another benefit of these platforms is that the influencer can specify how much compensation they want for these influencer marketing campaigns and what form it should be. Sometimes micro influencers accept creative payment in the form of products or services rather than cash. They may also be willing to work for free for causes that they believe in, and an influencer platform makes it easy for brands to find those people. Micro influencer platforms let brands work with interesting influencers no matter the size of their budgets. Companies may be able to work with several micro influencers rather than just one bigger influencer who charges more for each campaign.

Campaign Management Made Easy

An influencer platform like Coovy doesn’t just help brands search for influencers. We offer a wide range of tools for brands to use. Brands can rely on the platform to deal with campaign contracts and payment. The brand can also provide or request generated content, including specific hashtags or location pins that influencers should use for the campaign. A brand can track the campaign’s engagement rate in real-time and make changes to ensure the success of the campaign. Plus, brands can use the platform to create lists of influencers to work with in the future, saving effort, time, and money when it comes to find micro influencers once more.

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