The Rise of Micro Influencers

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What Is a Micro Influencer and How Do They Help Brands?

Most brands realize the power of word of mouth marketing, and the surge of the Internet means that people can spread the word about a company easier than ever. While many people think of celebrities and other huge influencers, there’s an entire influencer category made up of everyday people. But, what is a micro influencer and what do they do? … Read More

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Why Everyone Loves Los Angeles Micro Influencers

Los Angeles influencers are a specific breed. They often create content about fashion and beauty, health and fitness, nightlife such as concerts and clubs, and celebrities. The ocean and its miles of beaches can often be seen in the Instagram posts of influencers who live in Los Angeles. There is no doubt that these people live a California sort of life. … Read More

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How to Become a Micro Influencer Brands Will Seek Out

It’s an influencer with a smaller network, usually between 1,000 and 50,000 followers, across social media. While these influencers may not have millions of followers, their voices can still be powerful for several reasons. First, smaller influencers often choose niches in which they are an expert, which makes what they have to say more important to people who are interested in those subjects. … Read More

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The Rise of Micro Influencers to the Top of the Pile

Bigger isn’t always better, and when it comes to the size of an influencer’s network, this is definitely true. Of course, a major influencer with millions of followers can benefit a brand that wants to expand its market, but micro influencers often have a more intimate relationship with their followers, which means they hold more sway over those users. Now more than ever, brands and agencies realize the power of micro influencers and their social network (see also: Micro Influencers). Here’s why.

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First, Just What Is a Micro Influencer?

These influencers have fewer than 50,000 followers in their networks (see also: What Is an Influencer). Although, some people define a micro influencer as someone with only between 1,000 and 5,000 people in their audiences. Influencers with 10,000 followers may be newer, or they may focus on a specific niche. This niche is important to brands that want to ensure they’re targeting people through social media channels, whose needs and lifestyles match their products or services.

Just because these numbers are relatively small doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable. In fact, research shows that micro influencer campaigns may result in stronger engagement and higher ROI than campaigns with more popular influencers. Follower numbers between 10,000 to 100,000 are particularly interesting for carrying out an effective campaign. These are important insight for a brand’s marketing strategy, as influencers have seen engagement fall overall.

Some brands may think that this changing influencer marketing landscape means that influencer marketing is no longer a powerful tool, but that’s not true. The engagement rates of micro influencers haven’t fallen as much as the average. This group still has the highest rate of engagement out of all influencer groups. When brands keep this in mind, it opens up an entire untapped group of potential campaign partners.

The Essential: Higher ROI

Once tracking campaigns, companies should be on the lookout for engagement rates. A successful campaign with a micro influencer – or micro influencer marketing in general – should have more engagement among the target audience than your average campaign.

These higher engagement rates may reflect the fact that micro influencers tend to be viewed as more relatable and trustworthy than mega-celebrities. Plus, micro influencers can engage with their followers more legitimately with more of their followers because their followings are a bit smaller. Micro influencers respect their followers and can be fiercely loyal to them. Brands can leverage these genuine relationships when working with micro influencers.

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However, brands and agencies that want to work with micro influencers may have to look beyond influencer databases and focus on social media influencers and search engines to find these influencers who may not yet be listed. If you are looking for an efficient solution for micro influencer campaigns, we recommend using the Coovy app. Here the essential processes are much easier to do – almost automatically:

  • Campaign creation and influencer applications
  • Communication & payments
  • Results check
  • Automation of repeated campaigns

Micro influencers may be happy to work with brands if they’re just starting out, and their prices are typically more affordable than influencers who have larger networks. While a brand may be able to afford to work with one macro influencer, their budget may accommodate several micro influencers whose more-engaged audience members equal a higher ROI. This puts influencer marketing within the reach of companies with smaller marketing budgets.

Plus, they may be willing to work in exchange for non-monetary compensation such as a brand’s products or services. When an influencer uses your product or service, they can tell their followers why it’s worth the price rather than just telling them to purchase without a reason. An influencer’s experience with your product can allay consumer fears about quality or ease of use and even convince shoppers to spend more because your service stands apart from the competition. In fact, it’s sometimes best for brands to take a step back and let the influencer tell a story using their own voice instead of using heavy-hand “salesy” messaging. After all, those people who follow micro influencers do so in part because they appreciate it when an influencer is genuine.

All of this has contributed to the rise of micro influencers. Some people even believe we are just starting to enter a completely new age of influencer marketing!

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