Why Influencer Marketing is Essential for Your Business

Are you looking for an effective new way to increase both your exposure and your sales? One of the best ways to do it has been right under your nose this entire time. Influencers, large and small, have been tapping into their faithful online audiences in order to push products of all kinds. This is a resource you need to make use of.

There’s a reason why influencer marketing is the hottest new technique in modern digital marketing. The reason has everything to do with developing brand awareness in a new and efficient way. Every marketing plan you come up with for your business should take account of this technique and how you can make use of it.

Personal Recommendations as a Valuable Resource in Marketing

The first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that micro-influencers are a very valuable resource. A high quality micro-influencer can make the difference between selling a very small or very large number of your offered products and services. All it takes is one viral blog post or Instagram pic to get the ball rolling.

It just isn’t enough to have a presence on the web via an official site or Facebook page. This, of course, should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. But the potential customers that make up your target audience need more. They need to see and hear testimony from an influencer that they can place a high level of trust in.

This is why influencer marketing is so integral to the success of your next major online marketing campaign. A savvy marketer can get an endorsement from an influencer that can turn a lame duck into a platinum selling product. It all depends on how you make use of this potentially lucrative resource.

The Way Businesses Market Their Products Has Changed

Influencer marketing is by far the best delivery mechanism for content marketing. Recent studies have brought to light a number of statistics that confirm that this is no passing trend.

84 %

of all business managers choose influencer marketing as the right way to expose new information on the web about their products (Source: MyNewsDesk Survey).

92 %

of online shoppers tend to trust the personal experiences and recommendations of influencers, even though they don’t know them personally (Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey).

86 %

of businesses will dedicate a very significant percentage of their budget to influencer marketing this year (Source: Influencer MarketingHub Benchmark Report 2019).

Craft Better Brand Messages

When it comes to brand messages, a high quality influencer can be the turning point. Your target audience expects top quality sponsored content that speaks directly to them. Once you have identified your target demographic and narrowed down the parameters of your message to them, you now need to move them.

And this is just what a top shelf social media influencer can do. Collaborating with influencers allows you to hone your message down to a razor sharp finish. Not only do you have a brand message that is SEO optimized to perfection, you now have a face and voice that will drive home your point.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And when it isn’t only a picture but a living face and voice speaking to your potential customers in real time, it’s a thousand times more effective. Adding influencers to all of your social media platforms is the way to increase your exposure and visibility by an exponential factor.

Why Creating Content With Influencers in Mind is Key

Illustration of a social media post outlining why influencer marketing is important

A wide range of recent studies have shown that creating content with top level influencers in mind is the key to success. This has, in fact, been one of the cardinal reasons why influencer marketing has proven to be so crucial. Even a micro-influencer coming from nothing but a small YouTube audience can sway sales your way.

All an influencer has to do is say a few positive words about your products or services on their channel. This can be in the manner of creating a sponsored video or simply sharing a few pics of your product on their Instagram page. This is content creation with a very high potential to drive traffic to your site.

When you come up with a new marketing concept, the need to find influencers – especially the most relevant influencers – is key. You can coordinate your campaign with these influencers in order to arrive at an effective combination that will drive sales. Creating content with this goal in mind should be your number one priority.

An Influencer is Not the Same as a Brand Ambassador

Influencers are sometimes referred to as the ultimate stealth marketers. This is because, even if they appear in a sponsored video for your business, they are not the same as official brand ambassadors. This means that they are not a paid spokesperson appearing in commercials or posting on social media expressly for your company.

An example of a paid ambassador would be George Foreman paying himself to appear in commercials for his various culinary items. An influencer, on the other hand, is someone who has their own independent presence on the web. They are simply choosing to spotlight your product or service, perhaps in hopes of securing a paid ambassadorship.

There is a great deal of suspicion at the moment for so-called “corporate shills” who are all too obviously the employees of various companies. Unofficial influencers can offer you the most effective endorsement precisely because they are “neutral” and simply interested in a single product that you may have for sale.

The Time to Make Use of New Marketing Techniques is Now

Now that you know why influencer marketing is so crucial, you should also be on the lookout to find influencers of your own. Traditional methods of advertising are falling by the wayside for the simple reason that start up businesses no longer need to spend millions of dollars to make use of them. Instead, they turn to the web or apps. Try out the Coovy app for efficient micro influencer marketing campaigns.

And this is precisely where you should be looking to find the next generation of micro and mega influencers. These are the trend spotters and trend setters that may well come to define the new face of advertising in the very near future. The sooner you hook up a few of them with some sweetheart deals, the sooner you could break big.

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