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Increase your brand engagement with the app that provides all the tools for more efficient influencer marketing campaigns.

Time saving campaign automation

More brand engagement and sales

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Our influencer marketing platform helps you save time and at the same time optimally implement your creator marketing strategy. The Full-Service Influencer App: From 0 to your first campaign in less than 5 minutes! ► Find Creators ► Automate Campaign Processes ► Manage Payments

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Get to know more efficient campaign management with Coovy - the smart tool for your creator marketing success. Register now for free: ► Find Paid Campaigns ► Manage Contracts ► Get Paid


Promote ecommerce products or physical retail locations. We analyze individual KPIs of your influencer campaign and assign them to the right creators. Our goal is to make marketing with creators more accessible and effective.

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Why Us?


On-Demand Campaigns

More efficient influencer marketing campaigns with suitable creators.

Mobile App

Use your smartphone to manage all campaign processes: Job Applications, Contract Details & Payments.

Products & Locations

Works for the promotion of ecommerce products, or retail locations.

Built-In Automation

We will learn from your important campaign KPIs and help you make the best out of your influencer marketing strategy.

Payment System

We enable secure payouts between Businesses and Creators, through the Coovy App.

Maximum Security

We always work to keep the platform free of fakes and fraudsters, to guarantee real campaigns and genuine results.

Brands and Companies Who Trust Us

"The concept of this app is great. You can earn money while increasing your own reach and visibility. Everything you need as an influencer."
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"I enjoy working with exciting brands and promoting products through the Coovy app because it's simple and efficient."
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"We like to use this app for our influencer marketing strategy. It is efficient and helps us to easily carry out the complicated processes of a campaign."
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Liz James
Super Brand

Start doing more efficient marketing for your brand.

For Creators

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Grow as a content creator and earn money.

Coovy lets you find work with interesting brands and manage your campaign processes easier.

For Businesses

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Increase your brand awareness, online visibility and product sales.

Coovy empowers you with influencer marketing automation.


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